With a view to achieve comprehensive documentation it was thought to legally picturize the docu\mentALAM CONSULTANT & ASSOCIATES” has been founded and establish in year 2000. Which is hereby called as ASSOCIATES”.
ASSOCIATEShave built itself upon this foundation thriving on its unit system of value and belief of lawful document admissible under the Law.
ASSOCIATEShas been functioning with all efficiency and sincerity and is to see a head to do scheduled work of documentation in accordance with provision of various laws of the land.
In the history of documents of various nature was “Oral” or “Khista” which generates so many problems in transaction of landed property was solved by legislation of Indian Registration Act, 1908, bearing No. 16 of 1908 read with and followed amended by Central Act 48/2001 and Bihar Act 15/1998, Registration Rule-2008.Describing of a document was or is not easy job, rather it requires highly capable legal impediment to be known to facilitate and to make document more legally effective.

 It is based on the current held belief and assumption of the Management of “Associates” expressed in good faith and in reasonable opinion that the associates expects or anticipates may be looked into in time to come.
Associates” have also expanded its service in the field of legal practice besides documentation and has proved to be good deal and success, such as in civil, criminal and revenue cases either in High Court Patna, Civil Courts, Revenue Courts and Tribunal as well.

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